• Price, $
  • Brand
  • Camera, MP
  • Operating system version
  • Special offers
  • SIM cards  The ability to support two or three SIM cards by the phone allows you to simultaneously use the SIM cards of different operators in the phone.
  • Built-in memory, GB  The amount of internal memory is used to store various programs and data. Gigabytes (GB) are used to measure volume. 16 gigabytes of memory can accommodate about 8000 photos or 4 hours of video.
  • Screen size, "
  • Color
  • Screen aspect ratio  * Under frameless screens in the industry it is customary to call screens with reduced frames with an aspect ratio of 18: 9
  • RAM, GB  The larger the amount of RAM, the more applications can be launched simultaneously. For games, it is important to have a lot of RAM.
  • Best-seller
  • Resolution, px  The higher the screen resolution, the better the image quality.
  • Country of manufacture
  • Front camera, MP  The front camera allows you to take pictures from the front of the phone and make video calls.
  • Waiting time to, h
  • SIM Card Type  Now there are 3 types of SIM cards, which basically differ in size: regular SIM, micro SIM and the smallest nano SIM.
  • Charger connector
  • Memory card support  On memory cards you can store photos, movies, music and other useful information. The larger the volume of the card, the more you can write to it.
  • Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi allows you to connect to fixed wireless Internet networks.
  • operating system  OS - an operating system, a set of interconnected programs designed to manage device resources and organize user interaction. The main OSs are iOS, Android, Windows.
  • Body material
  • Screen type
  • Battery capacity, mAh  The higher the battery capacity indicator, the longer the phone is able to work without additional charge.
  • Number of Cores  The larger the number of cores, the higher the speed of the phone.
  • Bluetooth version
  • CPU frequency, MHz  The higher the processor frequency, the higher the speed of the phone.
  • Manufacturer country  Country of manufacturer
  • Navigation  Allows you to determine the coordinates of the phone using satellite navigation without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Autofocus  Autofocus allows you to get better photos: sharper, with visible smallest details.
  • Weight, g
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