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  • Type of acoustic design  Headphones with closed acoustic design do not let outside noises and provide maximum sound insulation. The open-type headphones partially miss external sounds, which allows to achieve more natural sound. Half-open headphones have many properties of open headphones, but at the same time provide decent sound insulation.
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  • Bluetooth Profiles  The Bluetooth standard supports such profiles <a href="http://www.ihtc.ru/lib/bluetooth_prof.php">as</a> :
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  • Radius of action, m  If you use headphones only within the same room or together with a portable player on the road, then you will have a range of several meters. Wireless headphones, which operate at a distance of 10-30 meters, can be used throughout the entire apartment. Headphones with a range of 80-100 meters in many cases can be used both in the apartment and outside it in some remoteness
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