Калуга, 2 reviews

Достоинства: Price, size. As a dialer and easy surfing on social networks and YouTube are completely satisfied.
Недостатки: Little internal memory, the battery is rather weak.
Комментарий: The phone is worth its money, it works in full acceptable, but adding internal memory so that there is 8 Gig and operational up to 1 Gig would be super!

Кемерово, 1 review

Достоинства: Harsh, metallic, small with little habits and thin!
Недостатки: There is no T9, and plus I have a problem with the keyboard backlight (does not work). The presence of Funbox (paid subscriptions), which means that children should not be given into their hands.
Комментарий: I like this! I left it to myself, did not begin to issue a return. Since the lack of backlight is not scary for me, but if the manufacturer sent me a fully working device, then it was cool.

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