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Choose the best INOI smartphone for yourself. We make affordable smartphones ranging from 4 inches to 6.3 inches, with 4G and also more affordable 3G versions.

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Accessories INOI

Covers, glass and other accessories. The accessories we've created are guaranteed to be perfect for INOI smartphones, providing reliable protection for your smartphone.

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INOI 2 2021

Latest Android 10 Go
Battery extended to 2500 mAh.

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INOI 7 2020

Huge 6.22 "HD IPS Incell bright screen.
2GB RAM memory for stable operation.
Large 3000 mAh battery.

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Pure android

Android, in which there is nothing superfluous, looks and works exactly as Google intended. A clean Android operating system is regularly updated. This means that you can use the latest features, and the phone will work as well as on the first day after purchase. Regular Android security updates will give you maximum protection against malware.

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