INOI 7 4+64 2021

code 7430
INOI 7 4+64 2021 code 7430


  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Blue
  • OS version Android 10.0
  • SIM cards Dual SIM
  • Screen ratio 19:9
  • Screen size 6.22 " (15.8 cm)
  • RAM 4 GB
  • ROM 64 GB
  • 4G (LTE) Yes
  • 3G Yes
  • Camera 8.0 MP
  • Front camera 5.0 MP
  • EAN 4660042757971


Harmony of style and comfort

Exquisite design, advanced technology and high-quality performance - all this about the INOI 7 4+64 2021 smartphone. Thanks to the optimal size of the case, the smartphone is comfortable to use with one hand.

  • 6.22"
    HD IPS screen
  • NFC
    for contactless payments
  • 4GB
  • SC9863A
    8 core chipset

Improved performance


4GB RAM and improved SC9863A octa-core chipset with 1.6GHz ARM Cortex A55 provide smooth and comfortable interface experience. The increased RAM has significantly improved the performance of the INOI 7 4+64 2021 compared to the previous generation of the smartphone.

  • 4GB


  • +35%


  • +75%

    image processing speed

NFC module

With support for convenient contactless payment

Paying with Google Pay is safer and much more convenient than with a regular card. This contactless and secure payment method is suitable for stores, apps and websites.


Two colors for your choice

Bright 6.22" IPS Incell 19:9 display

A world without borders with a borderless screen

The frameless screen of INOI 7 4+64 2021 allows you to experience the effect of maximum immersion. You can play, watch movies, surf the web and multitask without interruption on the bright 6.22-inch IPS Incell screen.

Great photos with dual camera

A new level of portrait and panorama shots. The dual 8 MP camera of the INOI 7 4+64 2021 smartphone will allow you to capture the bright moments of your life as they are. At the same time, the Google Photos application is preinstalled on the INOI 7 4+64 2021 smartphone to store an infinite number of photos in the cloud.


Capacious battery 3000 mAh

Get more done with the powerful 3000mAh battery. Together with pure Android and energy-efficient processor SC9863A INOI 7 4+64 2021 will allow you to stay connected longer. When you finish texting WhatsApp, scrolling through Instagram and listening to music, at the end of the day you will still have battery left.

Stay Fit

INOI 7 4+64 2021 supports Bluetooth version 4.0, which allows you to connect any modern sports gadget. Complete your life with a stylish accessory that will collect detailed activity statistics throughout the day, measure your heart rate, track the quality and duration of sleep, and also help you stay connected. One of these smart assistants can be the INOI Band.

Operating system

Android 10 with Google apps

INOI 7 4+64 2021 runs on the Android 10 operating system, which supports new features to protect your data, speed up work and more. And of course, all INOI smartphones are Google certified and support your favorite Google apps.

Pure Android is even faster

Android, with no frills, looks and works exactly as Google intended. Built-in protection systems, incredible speed and smoothness of the interface, millions of applications - all this and much more awaits you along with the most popular operating system for smartphones in the world - Android.

Fast Internet 4G

Chat, watch videos, surf the Internet at high speed thanks to a fast 4G Internet connection.

Quickly unlock your phone with Face ID

Just take a look at the screen of your smartphone and face recognition will provide you with fast and secure access to your device.

Available Applications

Over three million apps

Play Market is the largest free app store with more than three million collections of services for every taste. Use your favorite apps at INOI 7 4+64 2021.

Listen to music in super quality

INOI 7 4+64 2021 supports the Hi-Res audio codec for listening to music in incredibly high quality through wireless headphones. Enjoy your favorite artists with the same clarity and melody as on the most expensive flagship devices.

Everything in a different light

The dark theme will help you look at INOI 7 4+64 2021 in a new way. It is integrated into all components of the system and designed in such a way that the interface elements look even more expressive. This helps to extend the battery life of the smartphone and reduces eye strain in the dark. The dark theme is enabled immediately for all Google apps such as Calendar and Photos.

More memory

Expand your memory with a 128GB MicroSD card and store even more of your favorite music, videos, apps. Also, INOI 7 4+64 2021 comes pre-installed with Google Drive, on which you get an additional 15 GB of cloud storage with the possibility of expansion, and Google Photos allows you to store an unlimited number of photos. No more worrying about running out of memory.

  • 64GB
    eMCP memory
  • +128GB
    with microSD
  • +15GB
    from Google Drive


Even more communication

Two SIM-cards work simultaneously and allow you to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as with work colleagues.

Parental control

Family Link

Find the perfect balance between study, play and relaxation. Set up a child account with Family Link and control how your child uses their device.


Have a blast with the best games

Despite the affordable price, INOI 7 4+64 2021 with 4 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor will allow you to play most of the most popular games on smartphones. Learn more about the list of games supported by INOI 7 4+64Gb 2021.

Transfer settings

Start using your smartphone instantly

With INOI 7 4+64 2021, you can quickly transfer all your contacts, photos, apps and many more settings with the previous device transfer feature.

Built-in GPS

INOI 7 4+64 2021 is equipped with an improved A-GPS module for faster and more accurate positioning, so you can easily navigate. And with the Find My Phone function, remotely view the location of the phone in case of loss or theft.

INOI Fan Club

Get answers and advice from other INOI users and fans in our fan club. Discuss with other users what you like about phones and what needs improvement and improvement.


Answers to all questions by phone, through the application directly on your smartphone, in the knowledge base, by e-mail - we are always there so that you can enjoy your INOI smartphone. 188 authorized service centers will repair or replace the device within the warranty period.

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Specifications INOI 7 4+64 2021

Manufacturer code: 4660042757971
EAN: 4660042757971
Item: 7430
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Blue
OS version: Android 10.0
SIM cards:  The ability to support two or three SIM cards by the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. Dual SIM   
The ability to support two or three SIM cards by the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen ratio:  * Under frameless screens in the industry, it is customary to call screens with reduced frames with a ratio of 18: 9 19:9   
* Under frameless screens in the industry, it is customary to call screens with reduced frames with a ratio of 18: 9
Screen size: 6.22 " (15.8 cm)
RAM:  The larger the amount of RAM, the more applications you can run at a time. It is important for games to have a lot of RAM. 4 GB
ROM:  The amount of internal memory is used to store various programs and data. To measure the volume, gigabytes (GB) are used. 16 gigabytes of memory can hold about 8,000 photos or 4 hours of video. 64 GB
4G (LTE): Yes
3G:  3G - network with high data rate. Yes   
3G - network with high data rate.
Camera: 8.0 MP
Front camera:  The front camera allows you to take pictures from the front of the phone and make video calls. 5.0 MP   
The front camera allows you to take pictures from the front of the phone and make video calls.
Has a certificate
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