code 7365
INOI 288S Steel code 7365


  • INOI 288S Black Black
  • INOI 288S Steel Steel
  • 3111
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Steel
  • SIM cards 2 SIM
  • Screen size 2 " (5.1 см)
  • Camera 0.3
  • Flashlight No
  • EAN 4660042757483


Pleasant minimalism

The metal case not only gives the INOI 288S a pleasant appearance, but also provides the expected durability. Some things are timeless.


In two colors to choose

Dual SIM

For convenient separation of work and personal contacts, you can use two SIM-cards at the same time.



The 800 mAh battery provides reliable communication up to 6 hours in continuous talk mode and up to 355 hours in standby mode.


On the INOI 288S, you can take basic shots with the built-in camera. You can send photos via Bluetooth.


FM radio and MP3 player

Enjoy your FM radio and MP3 player to the fullest. The built-in player allows you to play audio and video files of popular formats, for storage of which you can use a memory card up to 16GB. Moreover, the phone can be used as a miniature radio.


All INOI phones have an official manufacturer's warranty of one year from the date of purchase. During this period, upon the occurrence of a warranty case, you can repair your device for free at authorized service centers. 


What's in the box

Specifications INOI 288S Steel

Manufacturer code: 4660042757483
EAN: 4660042757483
Item: 7365
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Steel
SIM cards:  The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. 2 SIM   
The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen size: 2 " (5.1 см)
Camera: 0.3
Flashlight: No
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: The best push button I've seen.

Cons: The battery lives in my 3 days.

Comment: For a long time I needed a button, a lot of calls and the smartphone was quickly discharged. Yes, and I just wanted something simple, just for calls .. I went to the shops, but I absolutely did not like what was on the shelves. I saw this one on the Internet, and immediately ordered it. This is a telephone. It's great that at least someone focuses on design. In the phone itself, everything is of course very simple and the screen is not even color. But everything works as it should and it looks great. And this is for me personally the most important thing.

Москва, 1 review


Cons: Yes, and especially to find fault. You immediately remember the price and everything passes.

Comment: Exactly different from everything I've seen. And different for the better. It gets a little dirty at hand, I have silver .. But not much and it is easily wiped. And in the sun everything is visible without problems, I also liked it.

Ульяновск, 1 review

Pros: In terms of build quality and workmanship, everything is buzzing, even a prodigy.

Cons: The speaker is mediocre, you can use it shorter.

Comment: I personally liked it, I bought for one appearance. Very ponto .. Guys are watching). It rings more or less, there is enough charge for 3-4 days, without a radio, etc. garbage.

Санкт-Петербург, 1 review

Pros: Steeper than a button player, outwardly difficult to imagine.

Cons: I can’t say that I am one hundred percent satisfied with the speaker. Yes, everything is audible, but there is a feeling of understatement.

Comment: He lives two days. Whoever had such a pipe, they know that he also kept it there for two three days .. But then you take it out of your pocket and feel it is pleasant. By design, it is really cooler than any smartphone. Vintazh so to speak))

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