INOI 6i Lite

code 2759
INOI 6i Lite Black code 2759


  • 212
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Black
  • OS version Android 8 Go
  • SIM cards Dual SIM
  • Screen ratio 18:9
  • Screen size 5.5 " (14 см)
  • RAM 1 GB
  • ROM 8 GB
  • 4G (LTE) No
  • 3G Yes
  • Camera 8.0 Mp
  • Front camera 5.0 Mp
  • EAN 4660042753553


Comfortable and ergonomic

All the advantages of the latest technologies are enclosed in the laconic case of the INOI 6i Lite smartphone. Gently curved at the edges of the glass 2.5D, smoothly passes into the body from the soft-touch soft-touch polycarbonate. Convenient to hold in your hand and easy to use.


Two colors for your choice

Great photos with a dual camera

A new level of portrait and panoramic shots! The dual 8MP camera of the INOI 6i Lite smartphone will allow you to capture the bright moments of your life as they are. At the same time, the Google Photos application is preinstalled on the INOI 6i Lite smartphone, which makes it possible to store an infinite number of photos in the cloud absolutely free.

Bright 5.5" HD IPS display 18: 9

Display without borders for your favorite content

Experience the powerful contrast and color saturation of the 5.5-inch INOI 6i Lite IPS HD display. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and games, get even more pleasure.


4000 mAh capacious battery

Hurry up to do more with an ultra-capacious 4000 mAh battery. Together with clean Android and an energy-efficient processor, the INOI 6i Lite allows you to stay connected longer. So when you finish chatting on Whatsap & # 39; e, watch Instagram and listen to music at the end of the day, you will still have a battery.

The latest version of Android

Feel the maximum comfort from using your INOI 6i Lite smartphone along with the modern version of the Android 8 Go operating system.

Clean Android even faster

Android, in which there is nothing superfluous, looks and works exactly as Google intended. Built-in security systems, incredible speed and smoothness of the interface, millions of applications — all this and much more awaits you along with the most popular smartphone operating system in the world — Android.

Available Apps

Over three million applications

Android provides free access to the largest smartphone app store with more than three millionth collection for every taste. Use your favorite applications on INOI 6i Lite.

Listen to music in super quality

INOI 6i Lite supports the Hi-Res audio codec for listening to music in incredibly high quality through wireless headphones. Enjoy your favorite artists with the same clarity and melody as on the most expensive flagship devices.


Break away with the best games

Despite the affordable price, INOI 6i Lite will allow you to play most of the most popular games on smartphones. Learn more about the list of games supported by INOI 6i Lite.

More communication

Two SIM cards work simultaneously and allow you to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as with colleagues.

More memory

With INOI 6i Lite, expand memory with a 32GB microSD card and keep even more of your favorite music, video, applications. Also, Google Drive is already preinstalled on INOI 6i Lite, on which you get an additional 15 GB of cloud storage with expandability for free, and Google Photos allows you to store an unlimited number of photos. No more worrying that there is not enough memory.

Transfer settings

Start using your smartphone immediately

With INOI 6i Lite, you can quickly transfer all contacts, photos, applications and many other settings to your new INOI 6i Lite using the function of transferring data from a previous device.


Answers to all questions by phone, through the application directly on your smartphone, in the knowledge base, by e-mail - we are always there so you can enjoy your INOI smartphone. 

INOI Fan Club

Get answers and tips from other INOI users and fans in our fan club. Discuss with other users what you like about the phones and what needs to be improved and improved.


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Specifications INOI 6i Lite Black

Manufacturer code: 4660042753553
EAN: 4660042753553
Item: 2759
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Black
OS version: Android 8 Go
SIM cards:  The ability to support two or three SIM cards by the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. Dual SIM   
The ability to support two or three SIM cards by the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen ratio:  * Under frameless screens in the industry, it is customary to call screens with reduced frames with a ratio of 18: 9 18:9   
* Under frameless screens in the industry, it is customary to call screens with reduced frames with a ratio of 18: 9
Screen size: 5.5 " (14 см)
RAM:  The larger the amount of RAM, the more applications you can run at a time. It is important for games to have a lot of RAM. 1 GB
ROM:  The amount of internal memory is used to store various programs and data. To measure the volume, gigabytes (GB) are used. 16 gigabytes of memory can hold about 8,000 photos or 4 hours of video. 8 GB
4G (LTE): No
3G:  3G - network with high data rate. Yes   
3G - network with high data rate.
Camera: 8.0 Mp
Front camera:  The front camera allows you to take pictures from the front of the phone and make video calls. 5.0 Mp   
The front camera allows you to take pictures from the front of the phone and make video calls.
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: Adequate apparatus, better Chinese, have experience ..

Cons: I personally do not have enough sound density in the headphones.

Comment: There was a sad experience with Ali Express. So now no offer). Yes, in this RAM for less, and everything else is just as good. And the camera and the screen. In general, with those who offer to buy, iron is more powerful, but without a guarantee, I do not agree. The risk is great. Yes, and you get no better device. So just the numbers and everything. In fact, it works about the same.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Now for the day I charge enough.

Cons: For such a price tag there is nothing gem. Unless of course like me without marriage ..

Comment: People who say they have a smartphone for two or three days. These are those who do not take it in hand. Well, that is, just call from time to time. I first use the device where I really have enough charge for a day. If you run the video and watch it non-stop. That 3 hours can. In this case, the heating will be significant. Without such violence, a day lives calmly with games and with an Internet. Gluck is not noticed, my behavior behaves adequately.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Appearance, price, battery. Total not count. For this price he is the flagship).

Cons: Memory is not enough of course, but the price tag is nice.

Comment: I also looked at 6 Lite, but I bought this one. I decided to take a little more modern. Axis eighth offset. Fotka normal, sometimes smears not deadly, mostly when you take pictures in motion. Sound worthy, flash 32 pulls. In use is stable, at least for the time being, my two weeks. I advise if this kind of interesting.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Long-running battery. Qualitatively assembled.

Cons: I put 4 only for a small memory, I bought it. Put on 32 gig.

Comment: Bought a week ago. Seller advised. I did not know such a company before and doubted. But now I advise everyone. The smartphone is great. Everything works and is very cool. The display is wonderful. I use the navigator regularly. I don’t kill the battery for 24 hours. Video pulls any. Player tale.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Music with a good headset will sound great.

Cons: Everything meets expectations. Even more.

Comment: The phone is ideal for sticking in social networks, watching vidosikov, playing in non-heavy games. It is advisable to still have a large memory card, the internal memory can easily not be enough ..

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