code 2742
INOI 249S Black code 2742


  • INOI 249S Black Black
  • INOI 249S Blue Blue
  • 280
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Black
  • SIM cards 2 SIM
  • Screen size 2.4 " (6.1 см)
  • Camera VGA
  • FM Receiver Yes
  • Flashlight Yes
  • EAN 4660042754697

Specifications INOI 249S Black

Manufacturer code: 4660042754697
EAN: 4660042754697
Item: 2742
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Black
SIM cards:  The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. 2 SIM   
The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen size: 2.4 " (6.1 см)
Camera: VGA
FM Receiver: Yes
Flashlight: Yes
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: The phone is great. Design and screen just class.

Cons: There is nothing to complain about. Only pleases ..

Comment: I really liked it, very beautiful .. The menu is convenient and there are enough characters in the reference guide to write, but not as much as in a smartphone. SMS is convenient to write and saved a lot. Good telephone.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Appearance is not very common, for modern times). About 10 years ago, the sliders were in fashion.

Cons: Yes, the button as a button.

Comment: Charging keeps ringing perfectly. No scratches yet. The build quality does not complain .. The menu is not much different from what is now for sale. I saw and used probably all the companies that make button. This one looks good and the quality of the connection does not upset.

Борисоглебск, 1 review

Pros: Design, the price is reasonable. It is pleasant to speak, there are no extraneous sounds ..

Cons: Handbook, organizer. Yes, and perhaps all.

Comment: I once had a Samsung D800. He certainly was much cooler. But now there are practically no sliders. I never saw again. This accidentally caught my eye. Bought immediately. In principle, you can use. He calls well. In addition to the smartphone perfectly. I call for work only from this. The connection is good. Battery 4 days.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Comfortable and not ordinary.

Cons: not..

Comment: I just need to call him. The slider is very convenient and not usually in our time, even the player is there, I use it sometimes. Take a good phone if you need not expensive. 4-5 days for me without recharging works.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Good gadget). Even on the Sony 880 something resembles, it was so with me) ..

Cons: It is not wide in the menu. And even without headphones sold.

Comment: I do not know why, but I have to charge 2 times a week, that's all I don’t like so much. In terms of communication, I like it, I still need to look for one so that I can hear it and catch it like that. Impressions in general on 4 stars. If I had kept it longer, I would have put five ..

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