Отзывы INOI 5i

code 2673
Отзывы INOI 5i Gold code 2673


  • INOI 5i Gold Gold
  • INOI 5i Red Red
  • 1230
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Gold
  • OS version Android 8 Go
  • SIM cards Dual SIM
  • Screen ratio 18:9
  • Screen size 5.5 " (14 см)
  • RAM 1 GB
  • ROM 8 GB
  • 4G (LTE) Yes
  • 3G Yes
  • Camera 8.0 Mp
  • Front camera 5.0 Mp
  • EAN 4660042753324
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: Price, size, color screen.

Cons: You can scold for not a large amount of memory. That is, without a memory card, I'm sure few people can use it. Well, if only to call ..

Comment: I am writing a review from the point of view of an ordinary person. It was very hard, I was looking for an application store for half an hour. And he was called differently)). Here I understand everything, the camera, it is not super, but quite adequate. For social networks, I personally have enough. Holds up the day, in my mode is a good indicator. Especially at work his gray). I will say about heating, it is like many. Nothing happens if I drive him for a long time. In general, I use the second month, everything is in order. I hope it will be so.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: A modern screen format, fast running, pure android .. Support forum is cool.

Cons: Of the minuses, there is nothing like that. There is an info on the forum, which can even be updated only when it is unknown.

Comment: The processor pulls the games are not very demanding, the system also has no problems. 1GB of RAM is not much of course, but it is not critical .. I do not have enough internal memory, I use a flash drive for 32 The battery holds well, with my use lasts for 2 days .. No squeaks and backlashes were noticed. The connection keeps well, there are no dumps and with 4g order. So something like this.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Reliability, 4g, freezes.

Cons: Of course, it’s impossible to make high-quality pictures, I didn’t buy them for this .. The photo quality corresponds to the price. Charging is enough for a day and a half, but in my opinion, this is for all phones with a large screen.

Comment: I use the phone for a long time. Very good phone. There were no freezes, I kept charging for about two days, and I always use it (surfing the Internet via 4g or wi-fi). The camera is of course the only flaw in it, and it should be mentioned, it’s not like a camera phone .. If you need to take a picture of something, it will of course take a picture, but I would like better. And so no complaints at all to him. Who wants a stable smartphone, I highly recommend it to you. With the Internet and applications everything is super.

Оренбург, 1 review

Pros: It is pretty high quality made. I liked the characteristics.

Cons: That is, of course, the firm is little known. Convinced to buy the seller. I'm not the first smartphone I buy from him. While happy ..

Comment: All is well at work, there have been no hang-ups and reboots yet. I use the week, while everyone is happy. Enough charge for more than a day of normal use (messengers, internet, player, camera, calls ..) By evening, the battery is about 30 percent, which I consider normal. I do not use the scanner, why I do not understand myself. Probably because I'm used to the graphic key ..

Москва, 1 review

Pros: LTE works according to the provider’s coverage zones and works great. Smart, I did not even expect that with a 1 GB RAM it will be like this. Plus, multitasking like.

Cons: There were doubts about the memory of 8 GB, but all the applications that I planned to install without problems. Flash drive of course needed. I have not yet delivered, but I plan ..

Comment: It is done neatly, I still use a little, but in comparison with the previous model, it already gives odds over the entire range of functions, and the design is thin and the camera is better. At this price, I chose this particular device for myself, and I am very pleased with it.

Орёл, 1 review

Pros: Slots are separate. Without a flash drive I can not use it. And the station up and telegrams require space on the photo video, etc. Navigator is good. Husband checked.

Cons: In the cell, she does not lose to anyone, but she wanted to remove the Christmas tree from her in the evening ..

Comment: In general, everything is fine on the smartphone. Battery pleases. Sensitive sensor. Five will not put, but 4 plus it deserves. If you are not fussy about shooting, it's better not to find it. Even if it is more expensive than a thousand to look for 4.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Smart, I did not even think that it would work with one GB of RAM. Well, praise the battery, more than 2 days, it's cool for such a price.

Cons: Dual camera, does not save in the evening, but in the afternoon it is quite decent ..

Comment: I never even thought about buying a phone up to 10,000 rubles. But at one popular resource I read about it and still decided to buy it. Guys, it works fine, with applications by mail, browser just to cheer. He even changed my worldview. This android 8.1 Go, really cool stuff. I only now realize how much excess is stuffed in expensive devices. In general, it is worth buying, it works cool.

Иркутск, 1 review

Pros: Slots are separate. Not a bad camera and the very work of the android system.

Cons: I did not find a decent cover, I go without it.

Comment: Bought a week ago. On that website. Brought normally, a week invested. I didn’t take it in the store, they imposed a SIM card with a film and an additional guarantee. Enraged al. Satisfied with the purchase, works fine as expected. Battery day, sometimes a little more .. All my applications have become and work no worse than my daughter on the road.

1 review

Pros: Normal price for a good smartphone.

Cons: All level and sound and battery. I will not blame the camera, it is not so worth it to show off the camera.

Comment: Smart purchased by mom, I have it pretty advanced, but does not play games. The main factor in the choice was the price, in general, it justifies its price with interest. All applications have become memory haptilo, flash drive on 16 was. Came up without question. Outwardly super device ..

Пенза, 1 review

Pros: Not banal, considering its capabilities and the cost is adequate.

Cons: Other charging, faster charging and no headphones ..

Comment: Batteries for an adult who doesn’t care about games and immense freeze on social networks and the Internet are enough. The son helped to set everything up, themes, music. It took him about 20 minutes. A good smartphone ..

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