code 2661
INOI 245R Red code 2661


  • INOI 245R Black Black
  • INOI 245R Gold Gold
  • INOI 245R Red Red
  • 1018
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Red
  • SIM cards 2 SIM
  • Screen size 2.4 " (6.1 см)
  • Camera VGA
  • FM Receiver Yes
  • EAN 4660042753676

Specifications INOI 245R Red

Manufacturer code: 4660042753676
EAN: 4660042753676
Item: 2661
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Red
SIM cards:  The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. 2 SIM   
The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen size: 2.4 " (6.1 см)
Camera: VGA
FM Receiver: Yes
Has a certificate
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Казань, 1 review

Pros: Design on the site

Cons: Very low build quality, children's menu, quiet speaker, when the call comes in almost unheard of on the street, which also jingles. What kind of rubbish with the battery, discharged as after a horse race, I did not even install a sim card, just left it on the table (I forgot about it)).

Comment: In general, as one would expect, all that is created in a rashka is full G !!! I am extremely disappointed and getting used to it. I strongly recommend not to buy, and all the positive comments are most likely just a marketing ploy.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: The menu itself is simple in bright pictures, everything is standard.

Cons: It seems in my they are not. I thought of a battery, but now I’m watching everyone write that for more than 4 days no one holds .. I, too, have no more than 4.

Comment: Simple, inexpensive, and that was important to me, it just has support for two SIM cards. The folding one wanted more, I bought a lot for it. I call from it every day and for 4 months I have never let it down.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Beautiful, loud calling with 2sim.

Cons: Let's see how much is enough for him. While you like

Comment: I didn’t buy, I’d definitely be frightened by the name, because such a company didn’t really use it, I just didn’t hear or see at all. As a result, I use three weeks and so far I can’t say anything bad. Not outstanding of course, but the phone does not find fault. Battery 4 days easy. Externally beautiful comfortable ..

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Support two simok. Understandable menu, which is convenient to navigate.

Cons: Not.

Comment: For such a modest cost a good folding option. If you like the look, take it. Buttons of this size make it difficult not to hit, it is convenient to press them. Yes, and the connection will be enjoyed .. In my everything is clearly audible, I did not put a flash drive, I can not say how to listen to music through it. Moreover, the headset is not found.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Good tube and assembled and not scratched almost. Respect to manufacturers for the cost.

Cons: I like everything, I do not even know what to write here ..

Comment: According to the quality of the price is satisfied. All you need is there, it works and the phone itself shows that it is assembled in production. The battery is good, about 4 days enough for me. Folding like a long time, still did not meet suitable. This one is comfortable and calls nice.

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