Отзывы INOI 5i Lite

code 2247
Отзывы INOI 5i Lite Red code 2247


  • 1958
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Red
  • OS version Android 8 Go
  • SIM cards Dual SIM
  • Screen ratio 18:9
  • Screen size 5.5 " (14 см)
  • RAM 1 GB
  • ROM 8 GB
  • 4G (LTE) No
  • 3G Yes
  • Camera 8.0 Mp
  • Front camera 5.0 Mp
  • EAN 4660042753454
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Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: The son said the budget option, well, it is by their youth standards, for me it’s quite the opposite .. I don’t need more money. If you even give, still selling. Not ready to pay for the phone price of the car.

Cons: Everything fits, the only battery I want even more ..

Comment: Photos are good. The Internet works quickly, calmly watching movies online. Does not hang, does not brake. The battery keeps excellent, all day with constant use. During the day, I listen to music, I go to the Internet .. Of course, I charge for the night, because 20 percent of everything remains, and even less.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: One of the few inexpensive smartphones that can be recommended for a wide range of tasks for each day.

Cons: While there are no complaints and crap. A flash drive is needed and a film too, so add to the price tag boldly.

Comment: The phone is needed to call and communicate with modern applications. With this feature, this unit copes with a bang. At the same time, it has an excellent presentable appearance, a stable communication signal, a normal camera, and a clear loud sound. No film gets dirty like everything at that price. With the film, the reaction to touch did not change, which is nice. Devay recommend, I liked ..

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: For its price that is necessary. Strong, android 8 go it's cool at this price.

Cons: I do not see the fact that I bought no ..

Comment: I bought my mom and I was very pleased. She basically needs him for calls and classmates, his speaker is very loud. Fully justified the cost .. Some moments have which and mine can only envy. In general, if he had more RAM, the competitor would be cool. Excellent fotkaet and play music.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: The camera for this money is allocated. What bribed.

Cons: Naked equipment, There are questions about the release of updates ..

Comment: Quite pleasant in speed of reaction to the touch, the game pulls the rules, Assassin, Pirates without lags on the middle all exactly. He photographs very well, taking into account its price, there are no competitors for this price.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: 4g, screen, sensor, one-handed control.

Cons: When buying a couple of times rebooted.

Comment: Design, nice and beautiful back cover, good processor, optimal screen size, good battery. In the test AnTuTu smartphone scores more than 20,000 points, and I have enough more than .. Even you can play.

Белгород, 1 review

Pros: Nothing slows down and does not hang ..

Cons: On the screen without a film were prints, pasted.

Comment: Smart screen, battery (more than a day with active use), appearance for 5, no extra full-time applications .. Communication, catches where the old did not catch. I do not consider the drawbacks significant, I was satisfied with the purchase.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: The display test is very juicy colors, very good color rendition. Battery again.

Cons: Little memory, flash drive rescues

Comment: Modern, well, this is for me personally, I am not a dock on smartphones. As an ordinary user, I will say that I have no problems. Stylish look, fingers slide well on the screen, capacious battery, well in the hand .. Well, for all this is an adequate price.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: For the price and hardware, everything is just class.

Cons: There is not much heat in the games ..

Comment: Great phone. Good quality screen, good pictures with enough light. Sensors work well. I really like the dark themes on it. The menu flies nothing lags, I play games. Smart like smart.

Липецк, 1 review

Pros: Great battery. Work speed Good screen. Perfectly copes with the task of receiving Wi-Fi signals, and GPS communications.

Cons: I have not yet found the minuses. And I use almost a month. Camera on 4.

Comment: I liked the smart of not expensive, but everything works fine. The sound through the bluetooth in my ears is just kayfovy ..

Пермь, 1 review

Pros: I think its modern despite the characteristics. It works without tension, it does not heat up. It works for me.

Cons: Will update or not I do not know. Of course I would like to ..

Comment: Honestly, I did not plan to take a smartphone company Inoi. . While one friend on the forum did not advise him to look. I looked at several reviews on it and realized that it was worth a try. I bought, it turned out that a normal smartphone. A clear image, rich colors, good loud sound, conveniently in your hand, a camera with a lot of effects and shooting modes that inspire new shots. Memory is not enough, but for the money more no longer. I do not know whether the updates will come, so I’ll put 4.

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