INOI 243 Черный

code 5598
INOI 243 Черный code 5598


  • INOI 243 Черный Black Black
  • INOI 243 Черный Silver Silver
  • 262
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Black
  • SIM cards 2 SIM
  • Screen size 2.4 " (6.1 см)
  • Camera VGA
  • FM Receiver Yes
  • Flashlight Yes
  • EAN 4660042756943

Specifications INOI 243 Черный

Manufacturer code: 4660042756943
EAN: 4660042756943
Item: 5598
Manufacturer: INOI
Colour: Black
SIM cards:  The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone. 2 SIM   
The ability to support several SIM cards on the phone allows you to simultaneously use SIM cards of different operators in your phone.
Screen size: 2.4 " (6.1 см)
Camera: VGA
FM Receiver: Yes
Flashlight: Yes
Has a certificate
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: In general, it corresponds to the declared characteristics on the site. It looks very beautiful, strong. The assembly is impressive, the case is sturdy, fits comfortably in the hand. The earpiece pleased me, it is very loud, it even deafens me, it’s a very big plus in my noisy work. Quite a powerful vibro.

Cons: It’s very difficult to remove the back cover, maybe only for me. The case is very easily soiled, after half an hour getting acquainted with the phone it looks like they haven’t let it out for a week. It was stated on the Internet that the case is made of aviation aluminum, I don’t know where they got it, but judging by It’s a zinc alloy in weight, for me it’s not critical, I like to feel the weight of the phone in my hand. It’s not a very convenient arrangement of SIM cards, it’s worth saying that the first SIM is standard, the second is micro, there is a memory card slot nearby, all this is supported by the end of the battery, so to speak. Nothing about this in the instructions azano.

Comment: Corresponds to its price, the functionality for a simple dialer is normal ..

Кемерово, 1 review

Pros: Harsh, metallic, small with little habits and thin!

Cons: There is no T9, and plus I have a problem with the keyboard backlight (does not work). The presence of Funbox (paid subscriptions), which means that children should not be given into their hands.

Comment: I like this! I left it to myself, did not begin to issue a return. Since the lack of backlight is not scary for me, but if the manufacturer sent me a fully working device, then it was cool.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Really metalic. Perfectly assembled, the communication quality is excellent, the earpiece is good. Ordered here, delivery is fast.

Cons: Perhaps if only the menu is slightly overloaded. For me, leave calls, SMS, alarm clock, calculator, everything else can be in the trash.

Comment: I definitely advise you to buy. They write that the battery is weak, so you can install an analogue from your native Nokia there, and the phone plows for a week freely.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: There are no problems with the network, even in the elevator there is one antenna. Charges from any computer or laptop fast enough.

Cons: Handprints remain.

Comment: Great stylish phone. Everything is thought out and in place. It works quickly, does not slow down. I own three days while charging only once .. Very amazing price. Metallic and so worth it. And besides, it works well for now.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Appearance is not ashamed to show friends.

Cons: The sound in the headphones is so-so. If someone of course the player is going to listen here ..

Comment: I advise my money worth I took through this site, delivered quickly and the tube justified all the expectations placed on it.

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