INOI for INOI 239 phone

code 3526
INOI for INOI 239 phone code 3526


  • 2201
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Capacity 600 mAch
  • Colour Black
  • Manufacturer's Warranty 0.3 in
  • EAN 2000901161341

Specifications INOI for INOI 239 phone

Manufacturer code: 2000901161341
EAN: 2000901161341
Item: 3526
Manufacturer: INOI
Capacity:  The higher the battery capacity indicator, the longer the device is able to work without additional charging. 600 mAch
Colour: Black
Manufacturer's Warranty: 0.3 in
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28.08.2019 Покупатель: Is it possible to put an inoi 3 power battery on an inoi 3 lite smartphone
S Support
27.08.2019 Покупатель: Good day. And is this battery suitable for the INOI 2 lite model?
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S Support
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