Отзывы INOI 287

code 2668
Отзывы INOI 287 code 2668


  • INOI 287 Black Black
  • INOI 287 Gold Gold
  • 792
  • Manufacturer INOI
  • Colour Black
  • SIM cards 2 SIM
  • Screen size 2.8 " (7.1 см)
  • Camera VGA
  • FM Receiver Yes
  • EAN 4660042754529
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Москва, 1 review

Pros: Many

Cons: trace

Comment: It works well, I do not see any difference with other phones. Experience with push-button is enough. The battery lasts 5 days and there is a bluetooth. Contacts by letter looking for what else is needed .. Carefully assembled, beautiful.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: It's cold.

Cons: Nothing infuriates the menu. The work of two sim is quite adequate. The battery probably could have been better. But apparently it is expensive, it is cheaper to shove a camera in here) ..

Comment: I always had this kind of phones, and of course there is a good smartphone. Let me just say that it works as it should. And the battery holds for almost a week .. Now I observe the tendency that reference books, speed dialing and all such features disappear. And on the contrary, multimedia is more put in buttons. And this in my opinion is not necessary.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Price, battery ..

Cons: I'm probably not picky, everything suits.

Comment: Decent, in my opinion, the phone among the budget line. Simple menu, large, convenient buttons. The sound during a conversation is good, no echo is heard, like in some inexpensive phones.

Лиман, 1 review

Pros: Very comfortable and at an affordable price.

Cons: I think that no one will find cons. At this price there is nothing better.

Comment: I first bought another, I will not name which, otherwise they will be offended, and he turned out to be with the marriage .. They have committed this and am very pleased. The battery is very good, it rings perfectly, I mean the quality of the conversation. I hope for a long time will delight me with its quality.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: To the assembly, the screen and the sound just do not get to the bottom.

Cons: I can not understand why such a camera .. It would be better to have more characters in the notebook when recording the name of the subscriber.

Comment: Huge plus cost and its work with 2 sim cards. And comfortable and without hemorrhoids. And the buttons are very comfortable.

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Battery, screen. The sound is good.

Cons: As a flashlight does not shine brightly. It is interesting at all so ?.

Comment: The letters and the font I see, although they are certainly not gigantic. I am satisfied with the apparatus. The call is not bad, there are downsides, in my flashlight it’s not at all bright. Well, I'll take this to trifles. Mostly normal phone ..

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Such a clear sound in the speaker and microphone have not heard in such phones for a long time.

Cons: I have forgiven him a lot of sound.

Comment: The assembly and quality of plastic does not find fault. Calls as above wrote just class. The battery can hold for almost a week and this is enough. I haven't needed Bluetooth and radio for three hundred years. I do not use them.

Нижний Тагил, 1 review

Pros: Price, reception, battery ..

Cons: Who needs to find one. I personally do not see.

Comment: Yes, good-quality call, take a month, gave me. Bought not in vain. Worth, the money that paid is not a pity, they have already returned ten times. Strong, the screen is good, generally like him).

Москва, 1 review

Pros: Beautiful, even the cover is metal.

Cons: A bit after the smartphone is an unusual reference.

Comment: I like a girl in gold. Comfortable, loud. For calls perfect. It's good that there is a bluetooth, because in the car without it just does .. And I liked this site and brought it quickly. In general, I liked that I decided to write a review.

Королев, 1 review

Pros: I really liked the screen and the battery and the quality of the connection.

Cons: No problem for me.

Comment: Everything works as it should, the price is excellent. The tube is comfortable, holds for a long time, I don’t even know exactly how much, more than a week. Although I call a lot and two sims are.

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